Whether you are a medical or caring professional who has been personally affected by a suicide loss,


or a professional working with suicide grief


- or both


This support is for you.

Caring & Medical Professionals who have lost to suicide

There can be compounded feelings of shame and guilt when you are a medical professional who has lost someone to suicide.

This can include close family members, friends or clients.

It is very common for your personal and professional identities to be shattered. You may be asking how you can continue helping others when you couldn't help the person you have lost. 

 Suicide Grief Support will be providing a forum specifically for caring professionals who have lost to suicide in Spring 2022.

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Caring & Medical Professionals who work with suicide-loss

Firstly, thank you for what you do.

Sadly, all current research shows that the provision of support by caring professionals is inadequate to meet the needs of those bereaved by suicide.

We aim is to change this.

Due to a lack of training and the infancy of suicide bereavement research, many professionals working with suicide bereavement feel helpless knowing how to support grievers.

And research has shown there can be complicated and heavy feelings projected onto professionals, which need regular processing to avoid overwhelm and compassion burnout.

Suicide Grief Support provide specialist training and supervision to prepare caring professionals to undertake this work effectively whilst safeguarding their own wellbeing.

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Integrate 'suicide' into your life story.


Suicide loss cannot be ignored. It is too big, feels too heavy and too complicated. 

There is a way forward  - to know how to live with it.

How about we take a deep breath, roll up our sleeves and work together to put your belief system back together again?

As fellow suicide loss survivors who know how hard it is to live a balanced life with the differences of life before and after a suicide loss.

I am aware that it might feel like the pain will engulf you if you let it in. But I assure you it is possible to learn how to manage it whilst you continue to live your life and fulfill the other commitments you have.

I'm Ready
The Healing Narratives of Suicide Podcast
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Everyone Grieves Differently

My research has helped me understand the complexity of every suicide loss.

With my own personal and professional understanding, on this website I may outline some commonalities I have heard from other suicide loss survivors.

Everything you see here is written with an openness to be corrected and deep respect for your unique experience.


10% of all profits

Will be donated to bereavement charities across the world.

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