The Healing Narratives of Suicide Loss

The Healing Narratives of Suicide Loss

Hosted by: Sue Egan

Hear stories of loss and grief through suicide - how others have healed the only way they know how. This podcast is about hope and healing. It is about reducing the stigma and helping others understand the...


I am proud of who I am now

Season #1 Episode #15

Hannah, 25 years old, lost her mum to suicide. In 45 minutes we hear the immense journey she has been on during the past year - being impacted by huge feelings of shock, anger, confusion, pain and pride, which has led...
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A Wife's Pain & Healing

Season #1 Episode #14

Chrissie shares so much wisdom of her lessons from grief. She supported her husband’s mental health for 4 years by being the strong one, on constant guard to make sure he was ok. After 2 previous suicide attempts, he...
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Back from the Edge

Season #1 Episode #13

Lisa offers us a unique perspective. She not only attempted suicide herself when she was 19 years old, she lost her brother, Stephen “the loveable rogue”, to suicide 5 years ago. After living a life with emotional...
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A Mother's Helplessness

Season #1 Episode #12

Jill shares her story of losing, Mike, her only son to suicide 6 years ago. On December 27th 2014 Jill got the message she never thought she would hear. Her son was a military man who had struggled being happy since a...
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Self Healing & Self Discovery

Season #1 Episode #11

Jenna, 25 years old, lost her brother, Trevor, to suicide 2 years ago. We talk about how sibling loss may affect us in terms of our attachments and stability knowing who we are. Hear Jenna’s story of living with...
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Promoting Life

Season #1 Episode #10

Jacky has attempted suicide twice. Thankfully still here, she can share her wealth of knowledge about how to identify and work with suicide risk. Jacky candidly describes what it felt like to be in such emotional pain...
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The Raw Story of Losing a Father

Season #1 Episode #9

Hear the massive journey Jamie has been on since losing her father to suicide 10 years ago. Jamie felt like she had to be the strong one for other family members and fiercely started to defend herself from her...
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Coping with guilt as a medical professional

Season #1 Episode #8

Kate had immigrated to New Zealand with her husband and 2 teenage children when her husband took his own life. Richard was a medical professional, as Kate is, and although his depression had led to disordered thinking...
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Courage is Contagious

Season #1 Episode #7

Kak Ngah is from Malaysia where suicide is still a crime. She faced the loss of a loved one to suicide almost 10 years ago and she shares her story, highlighting how cultural attitudes to suicide may affect those...
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Rising from the Pain

Season #1 Episode #6

This episode’s guest is Meg, who lost her husband to suicide in 2008. Meg shares her ups and downs and how she feels she has now risen, like the Phoenix, in the painful flames of grief. In 2008 Meg had little support...
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"My Why"

Season #1 Episode #5

Sensitive Content… Listen to this episode with care. Our guest is very honest about her mental health and suicide attempt - great to raise awareness and in order to help those left behind by suicide but may touch of...
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Love Conquers All

Season #1 Episode #4

Kristel lost her long-term partner to suicide 7 years ago. In this heart-warming episode, Kristel shares her long journey with grief - with very difficult periods and times where she felt relief knowing her partner...
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