#27 - There is No Hierarchy to Grief

Season #1

Breanna talks of losing her high school friend to suicide 5 years ago and how she developed her therapeutic yoga practice to heal from her loss.

Breanna’s story is full of helpful information about grief yoga and how we can heal our bodies. Hear what grief yoga is and what the benefits are amongst Breanna’s experience of different types of loss. Particularly how her high school group of friends coped with their friend’s suicide and the inevitability of guilt amongst everyone.

Breanna’s story shows us how there is no hierarchy to grief – no limit - everyone who cared for that person is entitled to experience grief based on their relationship and everyone deserves to be acknowledged and supported.


Please listen with care and know there are people out there that can help and support you. 

Within the UK: 

Samaritans - Free on 116 123 

Suicide&Co - Free on 0800 054 8400 Mon-Friday 9aam-9pm 

Within the US: 

Suicide Hotline: Free on 1-800-273-8255 or text 742741 

Anywhere else in the World:

Suicide Grief Support

Contact me here: [email protected] and we will see what is available in your country.

Or find me on Facebook - Suicide Grief Support

Or Instagram - Suicide Grief Support


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