#26 - Permission to Grieve

Season #1

Olivia is bravely living with the effects of her father’s suicide attempt and has lost her Aunty and several friends to suicide.

This is Olivia's story.

As a clinical psychologist from South Africa, Olivia recognises she wears two hats – a caring professional for a suicide liaison service in North London and a daughter who grew up trying to cope with her father’s mental health problems, addictions and consequently, the brain damage he is left living with.

 We discuss:

  • The grieving process when your loved one changes beyond the person you remember.
  • Anger which needed to be redirected away from internalisation.
  • The effect of trauma on the body and mind.
  • How Olivia managed as a child living in a chaotic world.
  • Shame and how it affected both Olivia and her father.
  • The difference between shame and guilt.
  • Merging the professional and the personal after suicide.
  • How Olivia manages to continue to live with her father’s illness and physical condition.


Please listen with care and know there are people out there that can help and support you. 

Within the UK: 

Samaritans - Free on 116 123 

Suicide&Co - Free on 0800 054 8400 Mon-Friday 9aam-9pm 

Within the US: 

Suicide Hotline: Free on 1-800-273-8255 or text 742741 

Anywhere else in the World:

Suicide Grief Support

Contact me here: [email protected] and we will see what is available in your country.

Or find me on Facebook - Suicide Grief Support

Or Instagram - Suicide Grief Support


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