#19 - Living in the Hurricane

Season #1

This is Laurence’s touching story of losing his partner, James, to suicide 8 years ago.


Hear how Laurence:

• did his absolute best to support James through his mental health difficulties.

• had friends that helped by just being there.

• coped when a lot of friends scattered.

• got stuck - feeling like he was living for James.

• coped with the blame and anger he felt from others.

• had to get to know ‘suicide.’


Please listen with care and know there are people out there that can help and support you. 

Within the UK: 

Samaritans - Free on 116 123 

Suicide&Co - Free on 0800 054 8400 Mon-Friday 9aam-9pm 

Within the US: 

Suicide Hotline: Free on 1-800-273-8255 or text 742741 

Anywhere else in the World:

Suicide Grief Support

Contact me here: [email protected] and we will see what is available in your country.

Or find me on Facebook - Suicide Grief Support

Or Instagram - Suicide Grief Support